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Reviews of More Of Me Disappears
"Amen shakes out the rugs we sweep things under, inspects what is found there." C.E. Laine, Verse Libre Quarterly - Read full review
"More of Me Disappears will make you ponder, will jar you into a state of alert intensity, and will make you read each poem wanting more and more." David Fraser, Ascent Aspirations - Read full review
"No wonder a press calling itself Cross-Cultural Communications has published this book: a must." —Ricardo Nirenberg, Offcourse - Read full review
"Amen’s second bookhandsomely designed and photographed cover and insertsdemonstrates extraordinary range...." Ann Cefola, Ann Cefola Newsletter
"More of Me Disappears straddles a fine line between surreal and concrete, using sex, politics, personal past and uncertain future, to create a compelling second collection of poetry." Collin Kelley, SubtleTea - Read full review
"...the North Carolina-based poet...examin[es] in poem after poem the chimera of experience, its afterglow and its insubstantive aura, to bring his readers the glimmering essence of those experiences." James O'Donnell, Poetrybay - Read full review
"[John Amen's] poems jolt us into revisiting our assumptions about the world. These poems not only show us the world, but force us to see the world as we have never seen it." Miriam N. Kotzin, Per Contra - Read full review
"Every sentence is a firework of stimulus, the mind cranking." Phil Wagner, The Iconoclast
"Through the gasp and sigh of metaphor, [Amen] takes us to a place where the commonality of us all is both mourned and embraced." Susan Culver, Ghoti Magazine - Read full review
"[More of Me Disappears] is a fine collection with wonderful language and imagination. Amen’s combination of sadness and anger goes well with his skill at description, his deep thoughtfulness, and his clarity of vision."Henry Berne, Main Street Rag - Read full review
"Amen drags the reader head-first through a jumble of highly personal nightmare, dysfunctional dystopia, and curious insight, while introducing the possibility of beauty in lyrical snippets." Jeannine Hall Gailey, Raven Chronicles - Read full review
"If you think poetry is a snooze, this collection will snap you awake." Dannye Romine Powell, The Charlotte Observer
"This is a daring book that crosses the boundaries we have come to place around contemporary art and literature." Jared Smith, Home Planet News
"Amen's Disappears presents images and ideas that are both cathartic and startling; he captivates and surprises a reader...." Amy Ouzoonian, The Northport Journal
"Amen’s poems use original language to connect elements of our familiar lives to a sublime level of shared experience. Our common struggles have often been seen before, but not in the revealing light of such precise imagery." Dan Gudgel, Urbanite - Read full review
"[More of Me Disappears] is divided into three sections that build in density until the volume feels less like a collection than a single, singular poem." Cheryl Snell, Alsop Review - Read full review
"In the end it is [Amen's] willingness to embrace and study the most painful aspects of living which makes More of Me Disappears a truly apocalyptic work." JoSelle Vanderhooft, Star*Line
"John Amen's poems are often startling; sometimes earthy, sometimes surreal. This is a truly fine, amazingly beautiful collection of poetry...."Rosemary Cappello, Philadelphia Poets
"Amen's best poems are as crafted and solid as the armchair on the cover and create their own space in the wilderness of language."David Gershator, Paterson Literary Review