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Last Words

Cut loose from the womb of my ship,
drifting like Icarus in this white suit,

destiny is broken down to numbers,
x amount of inhalations, x temperature

tolerable, knowing that a breathless
demise is what awaits me. You tickle

my ear like an insect, urgent whispers
wrapped in static; dissecting my silence

as if I were the first person to enter
the house of God. There is no gauging

my location now. This is true transcendence,
mind meeting the unknown, language

unavailable, the brain itself groping for
impulses to send south to the body. This is

what I wanted, to die in the mouth of the sun,
lungs imploding like a flattened can, all sense

of mortal obligation cauterized like a wound.
A moment can indeed define a lifetime,

karma be vaporized at the threshold of death.
Light floods like a big bang; kiss the earth

for yours truly; tell the paparazzi I went home,
energy forever burning in the belly of the mother star.