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"The New Arcana is not for the lazy reader. But for those who believe that  contemporary American writing ought to push as many envelopes as possible, this book is not only worth the intellectual investment—it’s a really enjoyable ride!"
-Cindy Hochman, Great Weather for Media

"One day [The New Arcana] will be a classic...."
-Paul Sohar, Ragazine

The New Arcana
is the poetic jeu of two very fine esprits."
-Ricardo Nirenberg, Offcourse Literary Journal

"The New Arcana is the most eclectic and innovative anthology I’ve ever read. Bar none."
-Barb Caffrey, Shiny Book Review

"...a blazing satire of academia and a critique of the hyper-consumerism in American culture."
-Brian Fanelli, Pank Magazine

the book is a tour de force worth checking out."
-CL Bledsoe, JMWW

"...a faint-hearted struggle for certainty, with shreds of mathematics and residues of religion (the arcana) amidst a bustling population, all swirling in the post-modern dream of to-know-and-not-to-know."
-John Philip Johnson, Star*Line

The New Arcana is a multi-genre spectacular."
-Robert Lee Frazier

"The text contains beautiful passages, striking statements, masterful poetry that mimics the intrigue of the cover."
-Tantra Bensko, Speak Without Interruption

"The New Arcana is a fascinating book, a kind of scrapbook of the literary cutting edge scene that has existed in the West for the past fifty years, with a partial inclusion of the Dadaists and the like from earlier times that is alarmingly accurate although completely hallucinated by its two authors, John Amen and Daniel Y. Harris, whose photographs and bios at the end of the book position them firmly near the center of the post-art, meta-art, and inter-psychometastatic aesthetics their book is about."
-Bob Grumman, Poeticks

"The New Arcana deals mixed genres and mysterious (not to say weird) significances, dramatis personae, dialogue, stage directions, and a panoply of visual props. It presents a vat of comic madness into which riffs, visual imagery, collages and much else have been mischievously stirred."
-Zara Raab, The Critical Flame: A Journal of Literature & Culture